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Afghan National
Clothes of Afghanistan


Tajik: (taa-jek)

Tajiks have constituted about one-fourth of the population and live in many parts of the country. The concentration of the Tajik communities is in the northern provinces of Kabul, Heart, Kohistan and Panjshir. As traders and artisans they live in the cities and speak Dari (Farsi).

Tajik women’s outfits are more fitted, still with long sleeves, long skirts (younger women wear under the knee and older women wear mid-calf length dresses). Although Tajiks don’t use embroidery, gilded laces and other ornaments but the fabrics are beautiful, stylish with variety of designs and floral patterns. Expensive fabrics of brocade (Tawaar, KinKhab, Tass, Banarasi, and Zarboft) and printed silks for special occasions and cotton and rayon fabrics for daily use are common.

A pair of satin, cotton or rayon drawstring, straight-leg trousers is worn with the dress. They are mostly White or other solid pastel colors. The hems of the trousers are either embriodered with white borders or white laces are used instead.

Their Chadars (scarves) are about 2 yards in size from georgette, gauze (silk & cotton mixed) or cotton with lace, crochet or needlepoint borders. Some have printed borders. Elder & rich women also wear silk chiffon chadars with matching laces..

Tajik’s Jewelry:

Tajik women wear gold with precious stone jewelry. Ruby, turquoise, pearls and emerald are the favorite stones of the riches. Costume jewelry and imitations are popular too. Tajiks wear necklaces, earrings, rings and pear strands. Decorative combs and colorful bobby pins are used to style their hair.





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