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Afghan National


About Us

Handcrafted with attention to detail, each doll is a unique work of art. The colors and costumes reflect the regional wardrobe of different Provinces of Afghanistan.

The dolls are made of fabric with internal support structure, and are approximately 18 inches tall.

You can be assured of owning a unique work of art, as no two dolls, even representing the same geographical area, are exactly the same.

Afghanistan, a country approximately the size of Texas, is located in the heart of Asia. The country has been in the news in the last two decades after being invaded by the Soviets, and more recently as a battleground on the “war on terrorism”. The people of the area, though, have a rich history and traditions of hospitality and care. With a 99% Muslim population, the dress of the people reflect the modesty that is required by the religion, as well as cultural traditions such as the women’s total covering burqa or chadari.

The artist, Zareen Noory, was born in Afghanistan and has lived in the United States since 1979. The recent crisis in Afghanistan inspired her to start this project in the hopes that the Afghan people will be understood as more then numbers in a war. Committed to the well being of Afghans, especially the thousands of widows and orphans, portion of the proceeds from the sales of these dolls will go to help the needy and suffering, the plan is to eventually establish an embroidery workshop to provide income for Afghan widows.



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