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Afghan National
Clothes of Afghanistan


National Costumes:

Although different regions of Afghanistan have distinguished styles of clothing with different fabrics, colors, embroidery, and jewelry but one special style is selected as the National Costume. Fabrics used for women's national costume vary from silk, satin, cotton to rayon. Men's national costume is mostly made of cotton and rayon.

For Women : the colors consist of black, red and greed, which represent the colors of the national flag. A long sleeved, loose black dress with embroidered bodice, wide sleeve and skirt hems designed with borders, red baggy wrinkled trouser with fitted cuffs and red scarf for women (married) and green baggy wrinkled trouser with tight cuffs and green scarf for girls (unmarried). The coin silver jewelry include beautiful choker or gorgeous necklace, headdress piece that could be a forelock pendant or a more elaborate band of multiple pendants with dangling coins and chains covering the front half of the head, bulky earrings with long dangles, large rings and wide bangle bracelets. Silver discs designed with colorful glasses and embroidered beaded adornments and pendants are attached to the front of the bodice, over the shoulders and the center of the sleeve hems. The scarf would also be bordered with gilded laces and light silver coins. These coins would be sewn to the front of the skirt too. The jewelry, coin decorated scarf and adorned dress create pleasant tinkling jingles with each movement.

Young girls not required to wear scarves would tie them at their waists. They also wear fewer and less elaborate jewelry.

(Note: Sometimes, red and green colors are worn as mix and match ignoring their implications.)

For Man : White outfit, red velvet vest decorated with gilded metallic laces, off white silk turban with gray/black/off white end borders and skillfully designed sandals.

Young boy's white outfit has an embroidered front bodice, gathered wide knee-lenght skirt adorned with either green or red scarf tied around their waists, velvet golden lace decorated vest and sandals.




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