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Afghan National
Clothes of Afghanistan


Kuchi: (Koo-chee)

With few urban centers, the majority of the population of Afghanistan live in rural areas, deriving their livelihood from agriculture, livestock and related products. But not everyone has a farm; close to 3 millions nomads (Kuchis) survive by migrating between the uplands and plains with their herds and flocks, taking advantage of the limited and seasonal grazing lands.
Originally from Pashtun tribes, the Kuchi concentration is mostly in the warm climate areas of south and southeast of the country. In the past, they could move relatively freely across the borders of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, but recent restrictions and complicated procedures have restricted their movements to within Afghanistan.

The Kuchis are tribal Afghans living in black tents with their distinctive and unique customs and costumes.

Kuchi's outfits are similar to Pashtuns but with darker colors for women and white outfits for men. The most elegant feature of Kuchi costume, beside the extraordinary and exquisite jewelry is their dress. The dresses have traditional long and wide skirts and long and very wide sleeves. The spectacular embroidery is fabulous. The fronts of the bodice, the skirt and sleeve hems are skillfully embroidered with gilded threads. The dress is also adorned with amulets, pendants, tassels, button bands motives, and trinkets. A large shawl with decorated borders (especially front) enhances the elaborate beauty of the outfits. The cuffs of their solid color trousers are fitted.

Kuchi men wear white outfits with knee-length shirts and matching trousers. The usual headdress is a white turban and the outfit is completed with a large white shawl over one shoulder, which is used for warmth, to sit on, or as a prayer mat.

Kuchi Jewelry:

Coin silver and non-precious metal handcrafted in authentic Afghan tribal style. Old Kuchi tribal headpieces, necklaces, chokers, pendants, bracelets, rings with antique brassy patinas and colorful old glass stones are popular even among modern, stylish women.


Delicate, embossed, amulets fabricated in coin silver, and set with colored glasses "Jewels" such as prayer amulets, hand stamped dome shaped amulets, box pendant amulets and rectangle amulets decorated with dangles. Most dangles are three-dimensional caps with the paddles hanging from them. The sound they create during movement is more of a rustle than a jingle.
These amulets are usually stuffed with cardboard or paper to hold their shapes. Hanging loops are open at the back.

Choker and Necklaces:

Beautiful necklaces made of lightweight coin type decorations with red, green and blue glass jewels set in wax. Mostly, authentic charming heart shaped or crescent moon centers and delicate little dangles create soft clicking jingles.

Crafted with colorful Glass and Afghan Lapis Lazuli, long Jingling Dangles and bells and Old Afghan Coins- Old Waziri Tribal Chokers are well known.

Wonderful silver chokers have color Glass and Afghan Lapis Lazuli, long Jingling etched design dangles, bells and Old Afghan Coins. Also, some chokers have pendants hand sewn onto cotton fabric edging with blue glass beads also along the dangles. A soft jingling sound enhances their attraction.

Old Kuchi nomad choker, elaborately beaded cloth band with tribal button closure, old etched design dangles. Authentic Kuchi components include old metal dangle pendants with Muslim coins from Pakistan and Afghanistan, glass beadwork and especially intricate design. Necklace has the authentic patina tribal dancers love!

Kuchi Forelock headdresses

Charming silver and color jewel pendants in unique tribal designs typically have a set of chains that hook across the top of the head for stability. They are often backed with fabric. The simple form of it is a round pendant with dangles and is hooked on forelock, used to enhance the beauty of Kuchi Women's dark eyes.

Bracelets, Rings & Earrings & Nose ring:

Silver and silver-plated wide bracelets are used in pairs (both hands). Some are embossed with lapis or color glass stones.

Multiple Silver rings with lapis and semi precious stones are common among Kuchis.

Bulky Earrings are made from lightweight silver with lots of dangles and colorful stones. More often Kuchis pierce their ears in several places to accommodate multiple earrings.

Nose rings are traditional jewelry of Kuchis and Pashtuns. These range from a simple silver flower shape stud to silver and color stones, to the ring connected by a chain to one earring.

Tassels & Pendants: Hanging ornamental pieces of silvers shaped like tassels and bunch dangles for over the shoulder, and bodice of the dress. Also, long tassels with colorful glass beads are sewn at the waistline.

Button Band: Decorative silver pieces with delicate little dangles and hooks sewn to the bodice of the dress and makes musical sounds when every move.





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